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What do Bats look like?

Bats are a type of flying mammal; more specifically, they are the only mammal that is capable of true flight! Their appearance will vary depending on the specific species. In general, bats from their nose to tail will range in length from 2 3/16th to 7 ½ inches and are 6-15 inches in length from wingtip to wingtip. Bats have four legs (the front two help to form their wings), sharp teeth, and most have pointed ears; their bodies are covered in tan to black colored fur. Their distinctive wings are made from leathery skin that is void of fur.

What are the signs of Bats?

You’ll know you have bats when you find bat droppings under and around prime hanging spots like brick walls, wooden beams, and open gaps in wooden frames. Urine stains on the walls along these hanging spots can also help you locate approximately where the entry point may be. During the day you might find the spots hanging and at night you might see them flying to or from their hanging spots.

What Damage do Bats cause?

Bats can chew into walls and can damage insulation or wiring. The weight of them hanging can cause warped or broken structures on your home.

Bat guano is a carrier of the fungus histoplasma capsulatum. If inhaled, the spores of the fungus can cause a disease called histoplasmosis, which is an infection of the lungs.

How do you prevent Bats?

Along with getting professional services to help prevent and control bats, there are some things you can do around your home to help keep bats out of it:
Inspect your home’s roof line and seal any crevices or openings found along it.
Install screens over all attic vents.
Replace or repair any missing or broken roof shingles.
Install door sweeps on all exterior doors.
Make sure that all chimneys have tight fitting caps on them.

How do I get rid of Bats?

We do not recommend removing bats yourself. Instead, take preventative measures such as installing screens over all attic vents. They can bite and spread rabies so it’s best to let a professional remove them.


Can Bats hurt me?

Bats are a danger to have living in and around your home. While bats are an environmentally beneficial species, they do pose health risks to people. When bats roost in an enclosed area their feces will build up; and their feces contain a type of fungus called histoplasmosis that can lead to lung diseases.

Bats do carry and transmit rabies through their saliva; a bite from a bat could lead to a person or pet becoming infected with rabies. Also, bats, like other wild animals, can introduce other types of dangerous parasites into your home like fleas, ticks, bat bugs, and bat mites.

What to Expect when Suburban Exterminating Arrives

Suburban can help to control bats on your property. In fact, we recommend that only a professional with experience in bat control handle and remove bats because of the risks bats pose to people.

At Suburban, we can provide you with effective and humane wildlife control services to get rid of the bats that are currently roosting and living on your property. Our trained professionals can then repair the damages to your property caused by the bats and clean-up the feces and other messes that they have left behind through our Pest Exclusion Services.