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For effective relief from mice, rats and other rodents, Suburban Exterminating of Long Island can help. Using the most effective methods and products available, our team of pest control technicians will get rid of rodents and prevent them from returning.

 Suburban Rodent Shield Protection

Our “Rodent Shield” is an all-natural repellent applied to your home’s foundation. While we smell a minty odor, rats and mice hate the smell and taste. The product is made of all-natural essential oils which bind to your home’s foundation and are not easily washed off. The best time for treatment is early to late fall before mice and rats are looking for warmth in your home.

Types Of Rodents On Long Island

Rodents on Long Island  are a significant problem.  Critters that are somewhat reliant on humans for their survival, rodents invade homes and businesses in search of food and shelter.  Though they live in close proximity to us, rodents are an unwelcome sight and a potentially dangerous one.  

Are rodents really a threat? Their motives may seem innocent enough, wanting a warm place to nest and food for their bellies, but yes mice and rats are potentially harmful. They leave a trail of urine and feces. Also, they have the ability to inflict significant damage to structures, insulation and other building materials and personal belongings.  Rodents also introduce serious health risks including salmonellosis.  Fleas, mites and other pests may find a way inside on rodents as well.  

Controlling rodents is often a difficult task and one most property owners and managers do not have success.  Buying mouse traps and other control devices may pick off a rodent here and there but it does not identify the cause behind the infestation nor does it stop rodents from coming in.  Professional rodent control is the best solution in order to protect people, structures and other property.  

Learn more about the types of rodents considered nuisance and dangerous pests for Long Island homes and businesses by clicking on the images below.

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