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It’s an exciting time on Long Island! The days are getting longer, flowers are starting to bloom, and temperatures are rising—spring is nearly here! During this exciting time of year, many homeowners opt to do some seasonal cleaning in their homes, which is beneficial in more ways than one; not only will your house be sparkling clean and clutter-free, but it can also help deter household pests! Here are some spring cleaning tips that you can implement into your annual routine to help prevent spring insects in your house.  

Common Spring Household Pests on Long Island  

Long Islanders are no strangers to common household pests like and spiders, ants, and roaches, however this time of year we also will end up dealing with an “uptick” in other household pests. Some of the most common household pests seen on Long Island this time of the year include the following:    

While the various pests that we deal with on Long Island each have their own unique characteristics and behaviors, all pests have a few things in common that they need, which are food, water, and shelter. If your home is providing any of these key essentials to pests, they may seek out your property, leaving you with an unwanted infestation.  

Spring Cleaning Tip #1: Keep It Clean!  

It’s called spring cleaning for a reason! While cleaning is encouraged year-round for preventing pest issues and maintaining a happy living space, spring is also a prime time to clean out any potential clutter, dirt, or debris that accumulated over the past year. As a rule, the more clutter you have, the more hiding places for pests! Many pests are expert hiders and can go unnoticed for long periods of time, leading to more serious infestations.   

One of the best ways to keep spring insects out of your home is to simply keep your house clean year-round! A few things that you can do to minimize common pests include:  

  • Wiping down surfaces regularly  
  • Taking out the trash  
  • Sealing your trash can lid  
  • Preventing dishes from accumulating in the sink  
  • Storing food in airtight containers or in the refrigerator  

Spring Cleaning Tip #2: Control Moisture to Prevent Pests  

With spring can come a lot of moisture. After all, there are April showers coming, but there may also be some snow lingering or liquid runoff. As previously mentioned, pests are drawn to water because they need it in order to survive just like we do! Moisture provides pests with drinking sources, and some pests even thrive in damp environments.   

A few moisture sources to look for when you are doing your spring cleaning are leaky pipes, clogged gutters, and standing water. Each of these sources can draw in a variety of different pests; for instance, standing water in your yard in areas like flower pots, tires, or children’s toys can be prime breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Alternatively, damp wood can lead to termite infestations which can be extremely costly and stressful to deal with.  

Spring Cleaning Tip #3: Keep Your Yard Tidy  home with sentricon termite system

Spring is a great time to get your yard in order. Not only is it an exciting time to plant new flowers, keep your grass looking neat, and work on your home’s curb appeal, it’s also a good time to get rid of any remaining leaves or debris left behind from the winter which can house potential spring pests.   

As mentioned, standing water in your yard from puddles or clogged gutters can be ideal pest breeding grounds, while leftover leaves and debris can harbor a variety of pests, as well. While it’s important to keep the inside of your home clean, don’t forget to tend the outside as well when you’re doing your spring cleaning!  

Spring Cleaning Tip #4: Inspect Your Home for Pest Entry Points  

Harsh winter weather including extreme temperatures and storms can lead to unexpected springtime repairs needed to your home’s exterior that you may not even notice at first glance and because pests can make their way into homes through the tiniest of spaces, a thorough visual check of your home’s structure is a great item to add to your spring maintenance checklist.   

A few areas to look in while you are examining your home’s exterior for vulnerabilities include:  

  • Foundation  
  • Roof  
  • Weatherstripping around doors  
  • Window screens   
  • Vents  
  • Loose shingles  

Spring Cleaning Tip #5: Call in a Professional Who Understands the Behavior of Long Island Pests  

The best prevention against spring household pests is to call in a trusted professional who knows the behavior of seasonal pests, as well as how they get into homes, how to eliminate them, and how to prevent future infestations. At Suburban Exterminating, our Annual Protection Plans start at under a dollar a day and prevent Long Island homeowners from seasonal pests year-round! For help finding your family’s perfect yearly pest control plan, call or text us now at (631/516) 864-6900 

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