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Due in large part to convenient online shopping and do-it-yourself home hacks, DIY pest control is becoming more common for homeowners looking to combat pests. Unfortunately, even though homeowners’ intentions with do-it-yourself pest control may be to treat pests quickly at a low cost, oftentimes pest issues continue, or even escalate. If you’re considering DIY pest control, we have a few key things you should consider. 

Licensed Pest Exterminators Know Residential Pest Control

To become a Long Island exterminator, individuals must successfully pass the state of New York’s certification exam. This exam tests on specialized pest control knowledge of insects and the safe application of pesticides to residential homes. Just as you’d choose a licensed hair stylist to cut your hair, you should recruit a licensed exterminator to control your pests.

Pesticide Product Labels are Legal Documents

Do you ever “skim” the instructions for something you’ve purchased? When it comes to pesticides, that’s a no-go. As stated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), “Pesticide product labels provide critical information about how to safely handle and use pesticide products.” 

Any good pest control technician knows the label is the law, and doesn’t deviate from a label’s requirements. This ensures the right pesticide is applied for each specific pest, the right amount is used, and it is applied properly. 

Chemical Pesticides Should Be Properly Applied

When you have a pest infestation and are looking for a quick way to do your own exterminating, heavily applying pesticides to every visible surface seems like the best way to get rid of bugs, right? Wrong!

DIY chemicals you find online often over promise and under deliver, and compared to professional-grade pest control products, over the counter pesticides are limited in what they can actually do. Rather than eradicating pest issues, you may just rile up the existing population.

DIY pest control products contain various chemicals, which if handled or applied incorrectly, can put you, your family, and your pets at risk. Many over-the-counter chemicals can even contaminate your water supply, your plants, and the air in and around your home. 

Pest control companies like Suburban Exterminating have experience handling chemicals in a non-threatening way, and following Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM is an effective, environmentally-sensitive approach to pest management, involving targeting problem areas and pests. As opposed to outdated methods, such as unnecessarily soaking your home’s baseboard with chemicals, IPM minimizes excessive chemical application.

Proper Insect Identification is Crucial

Bug identification is the key to getting rid of pest infestations, and every pest control requirement is different. Without the essential knowledge and experience working with insects, it will be more difficult to identify your pests and treat your home accordingly, which is necessary for safe, effective pest control. Licensed pest exterminators expect insect identifiers, with deep knowledge, expertise, and experience controlling pests.

DIY Pest Control is a Short-Term Solution

If and when a DIY pest control product works to kill your pests, it will typically kill on contact. While this may fix your pest problem temporarily, over time, you’ll notice the pests may never completely go away. In order to truly eradicate a pest control issue, it’s vital to find and eliminate the source colony or nest. (Killing the handful of ants crawling around in your kitchen is likely not going to solve your problem).

Many insects are actually becoming more resistant to over-the-counter pest control solutions. Choosing a professional exterminator ensures your home is treated with EPA-approved, professional pesticides, developed for successful pest elimination.

Every Home, and Every Pest Infestation is Different

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to pest control. Every home, and every pest infestation, is different. DIY pest control products are mass-produced with the assumption that every home is the same. Working with a trusted pest management professional on a customized plan specific to your home’s pest issues is key to successful pest control.

You know it and we know it: pest issues are inevitable on Long Island, especially this time of year. Suburban Exterminating has a team of highly knowledgeable Long Island exterminators with years of experience. Our team specializes in identifying insects, creating customized plans that work, and treating pest infestations correctly the first time around, preventing current and future pest problems.

Suburban Helps You Protect Your Family & Home 

For a limited time, protect your home with our Exterior-Only Service Plan, which eradicates pests from the outside in. We create a highly-effective barrier around your home, which prevents over 20 different pests from entering. Our Exterior-Only Service Plan is also backed by our Pest-Free Guarantee! 

Given the current climate, our technicians are taking additional precautions to protect the safety of your family, including:

  • Contactless inspections
  • Masks, gloves, and booties with all services
  • Digital paperwork
  • Disinfecting of all equipment after each home service
  • Entry to home with limited contact upon request

To schedule a free inspection, call (631) 864-6900.

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