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Are There Ants That Smell Like Lemon?

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If you have ants that smell like lemon or lemon verbena or citronella odor when crushed, you might have citronella ants. These ants are usually noticed when they swarm. The flying ants appear in large groups (or swarms) any time of year. Citronella ants can enter through openings around your doors or through expansion cracks in homes on a cement slab. Citronella ants are light yellow to a dark reddish-yellow or light brown. They omit a smell when threatened or crushed. These ants make their homes outside and do not eat our food. 

swarm of yellow and brown winged citronella ants on a rock

Citronella Ants Are Harmless

It rarely happens but …. if you are bothered by multiple citronella ant swarms, Suburban Exterminating can locate the ant colony and treat your ant problem.

Citronella Ants Are Not Termites!

At first glance, a homeowner may mistake a citronella ant for a termite because of their similar characteristics of how they look, especially since they both produce winged swarmers. Graphic comparing flying winged ants with termite swarmers

Being able to tell the difference can save you time and money. If you fear you have an infestation of either of these pests contact Suburban Exterminating today!

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