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21 September

Where Cockroaches Live

Cockroaches can live almost anywhere.  As a insect who spreads bacteria and disease, no one wants them!  In your home, they have a type of upstairs/downstairs living arrangement between species. Upstairs roaches can be found in  your kitchen, baths, bedrooms, living and dining rooms. Downstairs roaches enjoy the damp, cool conditions in your basement or crawlspace.

To avoid subjecting your family to the many diseases that roaches spread, call Suburban Exterminating at (631) 864-6900 or (516) 864-6900 to get rid of your roach problem.


You can find German cockroaches, brown-banded cockroach and American cockroaches here. Long Island’s most common roach – the German cockroach – enjoys a warm, dry, protected area behind cabinets or appliances. This roach is usually spotted in your kitchen or bathroom.  Upstairs rooms are generally warm with plenty of food available for cockroach survival.

The brown-banded roach likes dry spots. This roach has been found inside televisions, appliances and furniture.

The American cockroach is rarely seen in Long Island homes. If you do spot one, you might see it near your boiler.


The oriental cockroach likes it cool. Your basement, crawlspace or cellar is the perfect home for this insect.

Bugs, just like people, are known to change their preferences. These descriptions are the normal preferences for each roach species. For more information about roaches, see our webpages or contact us.

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