Pavement Ants Eating Potato

Because it seems so “easy” to get rid of ants, people often try to tackle the infestation with over- the-counter pesticides. Many ants just don’t bother eating bait when there are many food options available. These chemicals can be toxic if applied incorrectly. And these pesticides rarely reach the queen ant. As the most important member of an ant colony, the queen, continues to produce more ants. In no time at all,  you’ve got more ants in your kitchen, bathroom and home.Ants sneak into buildings through small openings, like electrical outlets and gaps around pipes. Generally, ants are looking for a water but they’ll dine on whatever you might have around.  Suburban Exterminating will help you to identify your specific ant problem and get rid of them!

What do ants eat in your home?

Below you’ll find a brief description of what these ants eat.

Little Black Ants

Usually, the little black ant makes small craters with soil at the opening of their nest. Their nests can also be found in wood and cracks in your home’s foundation. These ants enjoy the same foods that we do.

Odorous House Ants

Odorous House Ants live in large groups with thousands of workers and many queens. These ants love sweets!  Nests are typically found outside under rocks. Inside, these ants like warm, moist spots and termite-damaged wood.  When crushed, you may smell something rotten.

Pavement Ants

Pavement ants will eat almost anything: other insects, meats, seeds, grease and sweets. They will travel as far as 30 feet from the nest. Most colonies are found under sidewalks, building slabs, and large rocks.  It’s believed that these ants were brought to the U.S. on ships during the 1700s to 1800s.

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