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What insurance do you have to protect your business’s reputation from pests? Are you covered with regular pest control service? Your reputation could be ruined by one small crawling creature!

Open Door 

“Open loading doors create opportunities for pests to enter.” says entomologist, Lynn Frank, from Suburban Exterminating. Indeed, most successful businesses have busy loading docks with raw materials moving in and out. This constant activity of people, deliveries of perishables and construction allows pests and rodents to enter your facility. Is your door open to pests?

Government Requirements

Every business has its own set of government regulations. Restaurants are audited on a regular basis by Nassau and Suffolk Health Inspectors. Some local governments have even begun to require restaurants to have regular pest control services.

Pharmaceutical and food manufacturers also undergo intense scrutiny and audits. The Indoor Air Quality Association, National Environmental Health Association, AIB International standards and HACCP regulations are all looking for pest-related violations.

Your pest control management company can help you to exceed any audit requirements. You will need comprehensive documentation of all service performed. These reports also allow your pest management team to look at pest activity and trends. From there, structural, storage and sanitation solutions can be addressed and recommendations made. All service plans are specifically designed for your unique commercial environment. During your audit, your team can be on site to answer specific pest control questions.

Conditions which are Conducive for Pests

A qualified pest control inspection will help you to recognize and remediate any favorable pest conditions. Some of these conditions include:

• Is there evidence of damage and debris caused by insects?

• Are the doors or other openings to the outside tight fitting?

• Are there gaps around windows and/ or doors?

• Are there water sources near the building?

• Are the dumpsters located close to the building?

• Is there evidence of moisture damage due to leaks or condensation from plumbing, poor drainage, or faulty roofs?

• Is there vegetation or mulch placed against or near the building?

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