There is always someone who is a mosquito magnet! Generally, the female mosquito finds you by detecting the carbon dioxide levels in the air.  You generate carbon dioxide every time you breathe. But, there are other factors to consider…Are You a Mosquito Magnet?

Exercise buffs are more likely to attract mosquitoes than couch potatoes because exercise increases the signals which attract mosquitoes to us. These signals include body temperature, carbon dioxide in the breath, and certain skin chemicals, such as lactic acid.  Even just heavy breathing can signal those pesky mosquitoes that you are in the area.

Some evidence also suggests that mosquitoes like dark colors better than light ones.

And mosquitoes like a floral scents! So skip that perfume and other flowery scents that might attract these pests. Fabric softeners and other laundry detergents also might contribute to your overall scent.

Your best bet to prevent bites is to wear long sleeves and pants. Stay away from shady areas and out of woods. Don’t forget to apply Deet!  Learn more about mosquitoes on this Cornell University Fact Sheet.

Treatment Options

For additional backyard protection,  Suburban Exterminating offers a number of treatment options including a one time Party Spray and Summer Package.

Our Party Spray is a one-time treatment. Suburban Exterminating can help you to reduce mosquito populations with natural products  We schedule these sprays 24 to 72 hours prior to your event.  As mosquitoes continue to breed in standing water around your home, additional treatments are needed for continued coverage.

Many customers benefit from our Summer Package mosquito treatment schedule. All summer, we schedule treatments 2X a month. Our treatments are applied to shrubs, trees and shady areas around your yard where mosquitoes hide. You can use your yard after our natural mosquito control product has dried.

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