Cricket Tacos

We’ve never consciously eaten a bug. But since September and October is cricket and grasshopper season, we’d love to hear from some people who have tried a cricket taco or two! Maybe if the cricket were ground up and made into a protein bar, we might be able to eat a bite? One company makes a coconut tasting protein bar. Has anyone tried this one? Their hashtag is #Fueledbycrickets!While some people say they hear “crickets” after hearing a lame joke, it’s never fun to hear a chorus of crickets in your basement or crawlspace.

Long Island Crickets

We find field crickets, camel or cave crickets or house crickets in Long Island homes. Because field crickets are black and often found in your basement, everyone calls them “cave crickets”. Crickets normally live outside in damp areas of your lawn. They also love mulch,  wood piles and stones. They eat almost everything: veggies, fruit, garbage, pet food.

Field or Cave Cricket’s heads are a shiny black with black bodies and brown wings. In late summer, crickets numbers have increased and suddenly you begin to hear them.

They move inside to get away from the cold temperatures and cold rain. Once inside, they will eat  food crumbs, dry pet food, and garbage. Field crickets can damage or cause fecal staining of papers, books, wallpaper, and soiled fabrics, leather, furs, and rubber.

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