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Office bugs come in many shapes, sizes and forms. You can get an office bug which leaves you sick with a cold or  the flu. Does your computer need IT to step in to solve your buggy problem? The office bugs below are people who resemble some type of insect by their behavior. Don’t let these bugs bother you too much! There is always the weekend!5 Common Bugs in the Office

  1. Bed Bugs – You know this type – they are always hiding or napping at their desk! If you go to look for them, they are on break, at lunch or away from their desk. They do their best work at night.
  2. Worker Ant likes to follow the leader. They are always great additions to your staff! Some of these ants have a real sweet tooth! They seem to live on soda or frappes.
  3. Queen Bee is in charge! These ladies (or guys) know how to get things done. They know where the best office supplies are and when to ask your boss for a raise.
  4. Cockroaches know who is on vacation and when to look for leftover food is in the fridge. Don’t leave food out from meetings or on your desk. They’re not picky. Cockroaches eat anything!
  5. Fruit Flies are never found alone. They travel in groups and only make a decision as a group. These guys/gals hang out in restaurant kitchens and bars and invite all of their fruit fly friends to join the feast.

And don’t forget about the spider!  Office spiders trap you in their webs – cubicles – with never ending conversations, endless paperwork and other tasks.  In one moment, you’ve gone from hello to hearing all about their latest nightmare.

Thanks to Pest Control Technology Magazine for the inspiration!

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