Bed bugs are great at hiding in your home.  And they are very difficult to get rid of.  No wonder that they continue to thrive! In your average home, bed bugs can hide in your linens, under your couch cushions and on your kid’s stuffed animals. The longer that you wait to treat your infestation, the more the bed bugs have time to move from room to room. They’ll follow you if you move to another room to sleep.The toughest life stage of bed bugs to kill is the egg stage. These eggs are very tiny. You’ll find dozens in your bed frame’s screw hole. There are a number of effective options to get rid of your bed bug problem.

How to Exterminate Bed BugsLong Island Bed Bug

Bed bugs may be hiding in electrical outlets,  behind baseboards,  in cracks and crevices around windows, blinds, wall hangings including pictures, posters and clocks, under edges of carpets etc. You’ll need to exterminate the teeny tiny bed bug eggs, too!

Today, we offer several kinds of bed bug treatments. Each home is evaluated to determine – based on our training and experience – which treatment or treatment combination is best.  These treatments could include heat and/or insecticide

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