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Do I Have an Ant Infestation?

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Living on Long Island, ants are one of many pests us homeowners encounter, especially during the warmer months of the year. Often, what seems to be just a couple of harmless ants crawling around on your kitchen counter can actually be a sign of a full-blown ant infestation. So, how do you know if you have an ant problem in your house? Keep reading to find out!

5 Signs You Have an Ant Problem

1. You see a large number of live ants crawling around.

Trailing ant infestation inside a house

If you’re seeing a large quantity of ants in your house, this can be a clear indication that you have an ant problem needing addressed.

2. You see ant trails near your home.

Ant colonies are sophisticated ecosystems with specialized roles for the ants within them. Worker ants, or scouts, will leave their colonies in search of food. When they leave their nests, they will lay down pheromones to help find their way back to their colonies. When they hit the dinner jackpot, scouts will lay down more pheromones to alert the rest of the colony, who will use the scent to make their way back to the food source. If you see ant trails in or around your home, ants are hard at work!

3. Ant nests are visible.

If you’re seeing small piles of dirt pop up in the grass close to your house, you may have an ant problem. Ant nests aren’t always in the yard, however; some ants like to build their nests in walls or other quiet, dark places which will be difficult to find for many homeowners.

4. Small dirt piles are popping up.

Small piles of dirt, often in the grass, found near ant nest sites can be indicative of an infestation. If ants are bringing dirt into your home, it will likely be on the ground level around your baseboards. Although the collection of dirt and debris can be a regular mundane thing that happens, especially on the floor of your home, the consistent buildup of dirt can definitely be a sign of a pest problem.

5. You can hear some sort of activity in your walls. 

Ants can make their way through even the tiniest cracks, so walls are a common hideout. It can be difficult to know for certain that there are ants living inside your home’s walls, and certain species of ants are more likely to live in those areas than others. Two common ants in Long Island homes, carpenter ants and odorous house ants (little black ants), are frequently found living inside wall voids. If you put your ear close enough to an ant colony, it’s possible to hear the ants rustling around.

Where Do Ants Come From?

As mentioned previously, ants can make their way into your home through even the tiniest cracks. One common room in the house where they’re found are kitchens, because not only do kitchens often provide an easy source of food, but a kitchen sink provides a water source that ants need in order to survive. Ants will also seek out other rooms with excess moisture, like bathrooms. Carpenter ants often build nests in damp areas behind bathroom tiles or under sinks. It’s also likely you’ll see ants making their way into your bedrooms, living room, basement, or air conditioning and heating unit. 

How to Get Rid of an Ant Infestation

In addition to regular cleaning around your home, sealing food containers, and sealing up entry points, the best way to get rid of existing ant infestations and prevent ants in the house in the future is to invest in an annual protection plan from a reputable Long Island exterminator like Suburban Exterminating. 

Suburban Exterminating’s ant removal and extermination service begins with an inspection to determine what sort of ant has invaded your home, then we create a customized plan for your home’s specific needs.

Ant control can be difficult, because ant colonies can contain literally thousands of workers who travel a great distance into your home, and these pests are definitely one of the biggest problem insects on Long Island. 

Why You Need Professional Pest Control for an Ant Infestation

Dealing with ants in your home? Our state-certified, licensed technicians will identify the root of the problem, and offer guidance in solving it. Like all of our comprehensive pest control services, our ant control treatments are backed by Suburban Exterminating’s Pest-Free Guarantee. Request a free, no strings attached estimate today!

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