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We’ve got 3 kinds of Long Island crickets: the cave cricket, the field cricket and house cricket. Sometimes, cave crickets are also called camel crickets and spider crickets. Crickets start to enter homes in September when grass and other vegetation becomes scarce. They can swarm houses in large numbers. Although they can’t hurt us, they can cause damage to clothes and papers stored in your basement.

3 Kinds of Crickets

Cave Crickets (Tettigoniidea Rhaphidophoridae) are hump-backed, large crickets with long antennae and long hind legs. They don’t chirp because they are wingless. They can jump several feet. Damp, dark places are their favorite breeding spots.

Field crickets or Gryllus assimilis often with large back legs for jumping, are more noticeable in fall. They find mates by chirping, so finding them is just as easy.

House crickets are smaller and yellow-brown or straw colored. Crickets usually enter the home when being fed to pet snakes, and then they escape. They look for moisture and light. They are active at night.

We recommend the following tips to prevent crickets from entering your home:

  • Keep grass, mulch and other plants away from your home’s foundation.
  • Inspect the foundation of your home and seal any cracks and holes.
  • Seal openings around areas where your cable and other utilities enter.
  • Reduce the moisture levels in basement areas and crawl spaces.

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Fun Fact? Crickets are said to have nutty/earthy flavor. Other people describe them as popcorn or nuts.


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