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17 October

Common Spiders Found on Long Island

spider web

Spider webs and spiders seem to surround us at Halloween!  You have spider decorations and real live spiders that you suddenly notice around your home. All spiders produce silk which they may use to catch prey, cover their eggs or travel. With over 3,000 species of spiders in North America alone, you are bound to run into one or two.

Spiders rarely bite but some people can have serious reactions if they have allergies or a weakened immune system.

Some spiders enter your home by hitchhiking on boxes or other items.  They also walk right in through open doors and other entries into your home. Need some tips on keeping spiders out of your home? Read more here.

Common Long Island Spiders

These 3 spiders are most commonly found on Long Island:  Wolf Spiders, Daddy Long-Legs, and Sac Spiders. If you see another kind, most likely it has hitchhiked on something that you may have brought into your home. … order anything on Amazon lately?  On Long Island, most spiders live only one year.

Wolf Spiders hide in caves and burrows. They don’t make webs but chase their insect prey. They look almost furry and can be grey or brown. They are active at night.

Rumor has it that you can see a wolf spider’s silvery blue-green eyes staring back at you at night. Shine a flashlight held next to your head at the same level as your eyes. Look out onto your backyard. You might see some eyes looking back at you.

Daddy Long Legs aren’t considered true spiders by scientists. They are distant cousins who have only one body segment. Spiders have two. Daddy long legs are also called harvestmen, shepherd spiders, grandfather graybeards, and opilionids.  You’ll find many tangled webs that  Daddy Long Legs create to snare their next meal.

Sac Spiders don’t make large webs. Their webs are strictly made for sleeping or rearing their young. These tiny yellow spiders can bite. Their bites can leave itchy sores that are slow to heal.  They are the only spiders in New York that are moderately poisonous to humans.

Learn more about spiders on New York’s DEC (Department of Environmental Conservation) website.

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