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Are Joro Spiders Invading Suffolk County & Nassau County?

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joro spider on web

Imagine you’re relaxing in your backyard when you spot an enormous spider with an intricate web spanning your trees. This menacing arachnid is unlike anything you’ve encountered before. Your thoughts race as you wonder what kind of creature it could be. What is it? You’ve probably just met the Joro Spider, an orb-weaver that has been reported in various eastern U.S. states. And now, it looks like it has made its way to Suffolk County & Nassau County.

What Does the Joro Spider Look Like?

The Joro Spider stands out with its impressive size, expansive web, and vivid colors. If you come across a large one, it’s likely a female, due to the sexual dimorphism in the species, where males and females have different physical traits. Want to know how to differentiate male and female Joro spiders? Here’s what to look for:


  • Size: A large body measuring approximately ¾ inch to 1 inch long, with legs extending up to 4 inches.
  • Color: Bright yellow and blue hues, accented with prominent red markings.
  • Web: Creates large, intricate webs that can span up to 10 feet.


  • Size: Considerably smaller than their female counterparts.
  • Color: Darker and less lively colors, with more subdued hues.
  • Web: Males, unlike females, do not create webs.

The webs of Joro Spiders stand out due to their size, golden tint, and impressive strength, able to ensnare many different types of insects.

Where is the Joro Spider Found?

Joro Spiders are increasingly found in a variety of habitats, showcasing their exceptional adaptability. Once thought to need large natural areas, they have surprised researchers by thriving in urban environments. Notably, their presence near highways, unusual for web-hunting spiders that depend on prey vibrations, is a significant discovery. This adaptability to various environments, especially urban areas, indicates their potential for significantly expanding their range.

Is the Joro Spider Dangerous?

Despite their intimidating size and appearance, Joro spiders pose no threat to humans. Although they can bite, their fangs are small, and they are generally timid creatures that prefer to retreat rather than engage. The fear they evoke outweighs the actual danger they present, making them more of a fascinating curiosity than a real hazard. However, individuals with arachnophobia may still find their presence distressing and should approach them cautiously. Consulting a professional spider removal expert can provide reassurance.

Where Did the Joro Spider Come From?

Native to East Asia, the Joro Spider is believed to have unintentionally migrated to the U.S. through shipping containers. This explanation accounts for their initial appearances near ports and their subsequent spread throughout the eastern United States. As these spiders adapt to their new environment, they are more frequently seen in suburban and rural areas, raising concerns about their potential impact on local ecosystems. Scientists are actively researching their dispersal to assess the long-term ecological implications.

What’s Next for the Joro Spider in Suffolk County & Nassau County?

The presence of the Joro Spider seems to be permanent. Their ability to adapt and reproduce extensively indicates they will keep spreading along the eastern seaboard. Understanding their behavior and ecological impact is critical in crafting strategies to mitigate potential adverse effects on local ecosystems.

Do You Have Concerns About Spiders?

While the Joro Spider may initially frighten people with its size and unsettling appearance, it’s essential to realize that they generally do not harm humans. Their existence in Suffolk County & Nassau County and other areas exemplifies the continuously shifting dynamics of our local ecosystems.

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