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Birds pose health risks to humans due to their associations with diseases and contamination concerns from their droppings. Suburban Exterminating offers bird control solutions to protect you and your property. Common pest birds including sparrows, pigeons, and myna birds have been known to create problems for property owners and need to be effectively controlled to prevent structural damage.

Prevent Problems from Intrusive Birds

Birds can raise several concerns for property owners. Their habitats are attractive to other pests including fleas, ticks, and beetles which can then move into your home or business. Birds also excrete droppings which are corrosive and will cause damage to structures and other areas of your property. Their droppings, feathers, and nests also pose health concerns to you and your pets. Effective bird removal and prevention of problematic birds is essential to protecting your health and welfare.

Bird Control Methods to Safeguard Your Property

Suburban Exterminating offers customized solutions to keep your property safe from bird problems. First, we’ll identify the species of birds in the area including their feeding and nesting areas to determine potential risks.  Problem areas will be outfitted with prevention measures including netting, wires, and spikes to prevent birds from entering the area. Structural holes where birds are roosting will also be evaluated. If birds need to be removed from the area, mechanical traps and other effective removal methods will be used. The team at Suburban Exterminating will recommend the most cost-effective ways to prevent birds from accessing areas and buildings of your property.

On-Going Bird Control Monitoring

Once your property has been evaluated and methods for bird control are in place, our experienced team will regularly inspect your property to ensure pest birds are no longer a problem. You’ll receive a regular report of our findings during the monitoring process.

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