Bed Bug Control

Our Bed Bug Exterminating Methods

Long Island Bed BugsDon’t let the bed bugs bite! Suburban Exterminating eliminates bed bugs in homes, hotels, hospitals and other commercial facilities.Bed bugs may only be 3/16 of an inch in size, but they’re a huge problem for single and multi-family dwellings and many types of businesses. We use products which are registered with the EPA and our technicians are registered and licensed with NY State for the safe removal of bed bugs from your property. Contact Suburban Exterminating for a free bed bug inspection and service recommendations.Bed bug treatments are not an easy do-it-yourself project. If you miss one, they will be back. Bed bugs have developed a resistance to many chemical treatments.Many bugs are misidentified as bed bugs. Suburban Exterminating will inspect your home or business for evidence of these pests. If evidence is not found, traps using Co2 may be used to attract them. Suburban Exterminating monitors the traps for bed bug activity.  If evidence of bed bugs is found, a treatment plan is proposed.

Bed Bug Treatments Available

Traditional Treatment at Your Home
Successful chemical treatments begin with preparation so that the treatment can work effectively. You’ll need to clean and get rid of clutter, especially in your bedroom. Clutter and dirt gives bed bugs many places to hide and avoid detection. Clothing and bedding will also need to be placed in a hot dryer. We supply a comprehensive  preparation sheet for our customers.

Eliminate Bed Bugs Within Our Heat Chamber or Fumigation Chamber

To eliminate bed bugs from furniture, mattress, box springs, electronics and other items, one of Suburban’s chambers can provide an effective method to eliminate. Bring your car, furniture and other belongings to our Smithtown chamber. Our bed bug control professionals will give you advice on the best chamber to use – either – heat or fumigation to kill bed bugs in all of their various life stages in just a few hours.

Fumigation Bed Bug Treatment at your home

For single family homes, multi-unit dwellings and hotels, or where homeowners are sensitive to bed bug bites, fumigation may be the best option for treating bed bugs. It’s also ideal for areas where repeated liquids, aerosols, and dust treatments have failed to completely remove bed bugs, such as in traditional crack and crevice applications. We come to your location to perform our work.

Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite! Call Suburban Exterminating to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a tiny bug that can cause big problems.  Call us today for a detailed inspection and recommendations for effective bed bug treatment.