Ant Control

Long Island Ant Extermination

Suburban Exterminating begins to solve your ant problem with an inspection to determine what type of ant has invaded your home. We offer you solutions for ant control based on your home and situation.

Ant control can be difficult. Ant colonies can contain thousands of workers and can travel a distance into your home. They can enter your house via the tiniest openings and leave behind an invisible trail for other ants to follow. Different ants require different control treatments.

Ants are one of the biggest problem pests on Long Island. Ants spread bacteria and other nasty stuff when they crawl over your counters, food and your toothbrush. They can contaminate your food and your toothpaste. And some ants – like carpenter ants– will cause damage to your home and wood decking.

Your best protection against future ant invasions is one of our year round programs.

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