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Suburban Pest Identification

Having trouble determining what pest is destroying your property?  Browse the pictures below for a detailed description of each pest, and how Suburban can help resolve any problems!  If you already know the pest - select it from the drop down menu, and get taken directly to that information.

Pharaoh Ant

Carpenter Ant

Little Black Ant

Odorous Ant

Pavement Ant

Bed Bugs

Honey Bee

Cicadia Killer

Digger Bee

Yellow Jacket

German Cockroach

Oriental Cockroach

American Cockroach

Brown Roach

Brown Banded Cockroach

Carpet Beetle

Casemaking Webbing Moth

Furniture Carpet Beetle

Webbing Clothes Moth

Drain Fly

Fruit Fly

House Fly

Fungus Gnat



Field Crickets

House Crickets


Pill/Sow Bug



Grain Moth

Indian Meal Moth

Meal Worm

Saw-tooth Grain Beetle

Bird Mite

Blacklegged Tick/Deer Tick



Deer Mouse/White-Foot Mouse

House Mouse

Norway Rat


Termite Swarmers

Termite Soldiers & Workers

Anobiid Powderpost Beetle

Carpenter Bee

Lyctid Powderpost Beetle




Water Bug


The pests that listed in this section are NOT all the pests that exsist - these are the common pests that we come across the most frequently.

The left hand side you will see many catagories that pests can fall under, from the most obvious"Ants" to the not so obvious "Occasional Intruders".  The facts listed are for the most common pests that you may come across.

Fabric Destroying Pests:  Are those pests that will damage fabric belongings.  Some common pests found in this catagory are: clothes moths, carpet beetles, and furniture beetles.

Occasional Invaders:  These types of pests occasionally will enter the structure due to inclement weather.  Some common pests found in this category are: centipedes, earwigs, crickets, millipedes, pill/sow bugs, silverfish, and springtails. 

Wood Destroying Pests:  Termites are not the only insects that will destroy structures.  Other insects of this nature are: Powderpost Beetles and Carpenter Bees.

Parasites:  Bedbugs, Bird Mites, Deer ticks, and Fleas are the most common parasites listed in this category.

Pantry Pests:  These insects infest in stored food products.  The pests we included are grain moths and beetles, and meal moths and worms.


If you cannot find the specific pest you’re looking for, check or more information.


*Information of these pests came from PCT Technician Handbook and the University of Florida.