Thermography Energy Evaluation

Long Island Thermography Services – Improve Energy Efficiency in Your Home

Thermography is the practice of using thermal imaging technology to evaluate the energy efficiency of your home. A thermal image can pinpoint areas where your home is losing heat not otherwise visible with the naked eye. Our thermography services allow for a non-invasive evaluation of your home insulation and will identify problem areas quickly.

How Thermography Works

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Suburban Exterminating uses a high-grade, highly sensitive thermal camera. Any object with a surface temperature above absolute zero (-273° C) will radiate heat. The camera converts the heat into a thermal image of the object, much like an MRI machine does with the human body. Our trained specialists are able to see problem areas of your home more effectively using our thermal technology so repairs can begin directly.

Common Problem Areas Identified With Thermography

The thermal camera is able to highlight areas in your home which need attention and repair. Thermography services will identify areas where insulation is damp, damaged, or missing. The thermal images will also show areas of your home where cold or warm air is entering and where heat is being lost. The thermal camera will also allow for an evaluation of heating pipes and steam lines located underground.

Benefits of Thermal Imaging Services

Using Suburban Exterminating’s thermography services will help reduce your overall heating costs, improve the energy efficiency of your home, and help you detect problems not easily seen. As homeowners continue looking for ways to save more money on expenses, thermography services can paint an accurate picture of areas which need repair.

Thermography for Businesses

Thermography offers advantages for homeowners but is also beneficial to professional service providers including builders and contractors. Our thermal imaging services can help in the construction of new homes, providing proof of proper and sufficient insulation. This brings the needed peace of mind to both the builder and the homebuyer of an energy efficient structure.

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