Wolf Spiders

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  • season Summer
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0.25 - 2 inches

Inch Long


Stocky, Long

What do Wolf Spiders look like?

Wolf spiders are a large species of spider and are very intimidating, but they are actually very harmless. They are dark brown, have a short stout body, and have tan or yellow stripes or marking on their bodies. These spiders do not build webs; instead, they run very quickly and chase down their prey. They have eight dark eyes arranged around their heads: two large eyes gleam from the top of the head; two more large eyes peer out the front; and four smaller eyes form a row just above the spider’s mouth.

What are the signs of Wolf Spiders?

Sightings of wolf spiders are the main sign of their activity. They usually show up in basements, sheds, or garages where insects are. Outside, they like to hide in or around debris, under boards and cinder blocks, or in naturally-occurring gaps in the house.

What Damage do Wolf Spiders cause?

Wolf spiders will not damage homes or human health. They can bite, but only when they feel threatened. Wolf spiders intimidate people due to their large size and could be a nuisance in large numbers.

How do you prevent Wolf Spiders?

To prevent wolf spiders from entering your home:

  • Keep shrubs away from your house
  • Seal cracks and holes
  • Install screens over vents and crawl spaces
  • Don’t use bright outdoor lights as it attracts insects they like to eat

How do I get rid of Wolf Spiders?

Wolf spiders can bite if you enter it’s territory and provoke it. This means removing it could be dangerous to remove them yourself. Call Suburban Exterminating to remove wolf spiders from your property.

Can Wolf Spiders hurt me?

As previously mentioned, the wolf spider can bite if provoked. Their bite is not deadly, but it can be very painful.

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