Webbing Clothes Moths

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What do Webbing Clothes Moths look like?

The adult webbing clothes moth has a distinct tuft of reddish scales on the top of their head. Their wings and body are a buff-gold color, and their hind wings are fringed with long hairs. These clothes moths grow to be about ½ an inch from narrow wing tip to narrow wing tip. The webbing clothes moth larvae are white with a brownish colored head and grow to be about ½ an inch in length.

What are the signs of Webbing Clothes Moths?

Adult webbing clothes moths do not like bright lights and therefore prefer to live in the dark quiet areas of homes like closets, basements, and attics. The adults do not like light, and when they are disturbed, they will not fly away but instead will scurry into the darkness.

The larvae of webbing clothes moths thrive in areas of high humidity; they will generally live and feed in hidden areas like inside of clothing, furniture, or underneath rugs. If there is a very large infestation, they will start to feed out in the open. Like other clothes moths, webbing clothes moths feed on natural fibers including wool, fur, and hair.

What Damage do Webbing Clothes Moths cause?

Webbing clothes moths are very dangerous to things made of natural fibers that are located in your home. These moths are extremely damaging and have been known to completely destroy wardrobes.

How do you prevent Webbing Clothes Moths?

Here are tips on ways you can prevent webbing clothes moths:

  • Before storing items made from natural fibers thoroughly wash or dry clean them.
  • Place items that are clean and ready for storage in specially designed airtight garment bags; if possible, refrigeration storage is extremely effective at preventing problems with webbing clothes moths.
  • Regularly steam clean or deep clean furniture and rugs in your home.
  • Routinely dust and vacuum in your home in order to remove excess pet hair and dander.

How do I get rid of Webbing Clothes Moths?

Some tips for removing webbing clothes moths:

  • If you find it in fur material, cut the fur at the base
  • Clean all clothes, they’re attracted to stains in the fabrics. The larvae are seeking nutrients (Vitamin B) found in these stains, such as sweat and body oils.
  • Dry clean the items like wool, linen, furs and silks and launder the rest.

Can Webbing Clothes Moths hurt me?

Webbing clothes moths are not a danger to people and pose no health risks.

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