What do spiders look like?

large spider in a home in long island ny

If you’re experiencing a spider infestation in your home, the culprit could be one of many.  In New York, there are a few types of spiders that invade structures.  They include the wolf spider, sac spider, and daddy longlegs.

Wolf spiders
Wolf spiders are a large species of spider and are very intimidating, but they are actually very harmless.  They are dark brown, have a short stout body, and have tan or yellow stripes or marking on their bodies.  These spiders do not build webs; instead, they run very quickly and chase down their prey.

Sac Spiders
Sac spiders are a small species of spider that create a sac around their eggs in order to protect them (as their name suggests).  Adults grow to be about ¼ of an inch in length.  They are yellowish in color and the tips of their legs are dark.  They are nocturnal - becoming active at night and resting during the day in their webs.

Daddy longlegs
Daddy longlegs are known for building and abandoning webs throughout the corners or homes.  They are a harmless pest because their fangs are not long enough to penetrate the skin of humans.  Daddy longlegs are pale yellow to brown or grayish-brown in color.  They have a distinctive small body and eight very long and skinny legs.

Spider behaviors

Spiders prey upon and feed on insects and could be considered beneficial outside.  Spiders generally live outside in gardens and landscaping, woodpiles, and underneath decks and porches.  Because insects are attracted to outdoor lighting, it’s very common to find spiders lurking nearby searching for food.  

They often find their way inside looking for food and shelter.  When that happens, they build unsightly webs and hide out in closets, basements, and crawl spaces. They are often found in clothings and shoes, and underneath furniture among other places.   

Are Spiders dangerous?

Most spiders are harmless.  If they bite, it’s only because they’ve been threatened or handled.   Spider bites can be dangerous depending on the species and if the recipient of the bite is allergic.  In some cases, medical attention is required. 

Can Suburban help with a spider problem?

Yes, Suburban Exterminating offers effective spider control for both homes and businesses.  Our year-round home pest control services target spiders and other house-infesting insects and rodents and includes customized treatment, regular service visits, unlimited service calls, and peace of mind for homeowners.  We also offer commercial pest management solutions for businesses dealing with spiders and other pests common to facilities.   

For more information about getting rid of spiders, please contact us or click here to schedule your free estimate.  

Spider prevention tips

Preventing spider infestations requires a certain amount of work and eliminating food and shelter sources.  Since insects sneak in through holes and gaps in the foundation, under doors and through torn window screens, you must seal any openings that would permit entry, install door sweeps, and reduce clutter.  


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