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What do Sparrows look like?

Sparrows are a very common pest bird species whose appearance is determined by their sex.

The female sparrow has a brownish-tan body, a grayish-brown breast, and their wings are a darker reddish-brown. They have pale eyebrows, and the bill of the female sparrow is yellow.

The male sparrow has a black bill and black face. Their head and breast are gray in color. The wings of the male sparrow are reddish colored with black streaks and a single white wing bar.

What are the signs of Sparrows?

Sparrows are most commonly found living in suburban and rural areas where they can easily forage for food (seeds, grains, worms, and sometimes insects). They will most commonly forage at bird feeders, garbage cans, and in gardens. They are a social and aggressive species that often attack other species of birds, especially at bird feeders. They tend to build their nests on homes and other buildings; gutters, vents, chimneys and roof overhangs are common nesting spots for sparrows.

What Damage do Sparrows cause?

Sparrows are dangerous to have living in your home and on your property. Their nests may clog gutters, vents, and damage air-conditioning units. Their feces are corrosive and will damage and deteriorate homes and other buildings. Sparrow droppings may also build up on the ground and lead to slip and fall accidents. Sparrows carry and transmit a large variety of diseases that can be passed to people, and they can introduce a variety of other parasites like ticks and mites to your property.

How do you prevent Sparrows?

Preventing sparrows from choosing your property to live and nest on is a very difficult task and most often the best way to handle a sparrow problem is with professional control services. A few things that you can do around your property to help include: do not feed wild birds or other animals, make sure that garbage cans have tight-fitting lids, install caps on all chimneys; and maintain gutters and downspouts keeping them clear of debris.

How do I get rid of Sparrows?

When it comes to sparrows, it’s best to let an expert get rid of theses pest.

Can Sparrows hurt me?

Sparrows carry dozens of pathogens that cause communicable diseases like bacterial, viral, mycoplasmic and protozoan diseases, and internal and external parasites. Humans can inhale microorganisms contained in dried bird droppings that can cause asthma and illness.

What to Expect when Suburban Exterminating Arrives

Suburban Exterminating will help you control sparrows on your property. We understand just how much of a nuisance pest birds can be and how much damage they can cause. Suburban’s trained and experienced technicians can provide you with effective bird control services.

Getting rid of sparrows from your property begins with an inspection, followed by preventative measures such as humane traps or other treatments. We will then work with you to provide ongoing monitoring and maintenance services to help stop future problems with sparrows.

Learn more about our Long Island bird control services or simply give us a call to discuss your pest bird problem.