What do myna birds look like?

large myna bird in long island ny

Myna birds have a distinctive yellow beak, legs, and a bare yellow patch behind their eyes.  Their body is brown with a black hooded head.  Myna birds have a white outline on the outer portion of their wing, and underneath their wings are also white.

Myna behaviors

Myna birds are thought to mate for life, and it is much more common to see a pair of myna birds instead of a single myna bird.  These birds are omnivores and will feed on all sorts of foods including: crustaceans, spiders, small reptiles, insects, fruit, seeds, and things that they scavenge from the human world.

Myna birds are a common pest bird in both suburban and rural areas.  Myna birds will choose a property to roost and nest on that provides them with easy access to food and water sources; common roosting sites for myna birds include: gutters, eaves, and drainage pipes of homes and other buildings.  Myna birds tend to roost communally together.

Are mynas dangerous?

Yes, myna birds are a dangerous pest to invade your property. Not only are they a health risk to people, but they can cause extensive damage to structures.  They are also known for their aggressive and invasive nature, along with being very difficult to control.  

Myna birds will contaminate property with their feces, introduce parasites, and carry and transmit dangerous diseases to people.  Also, myna birds can cause a lot of extensive damages to venting systems, heating systems, and air-conditioning units.  

Can Suburban help with a myna bird problem?

Suburban Exterminating offers effective bird control on Long Island that will help control and prevent myna birds and other pest birds from causing problems.

Myna bird prevention tips

Because myna birds are such an aggressive and territorial pest trying to control and prevent these birds on your own is an extremely difficult task.  The best hope for a long-term solution for a problem with myna birds is to seek professional help as quickly as possible.  

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