What do mealworms look like?

meal worms in a suffolk county ny grocery store

Although they resemble worms, mealworms are actually the larval stage of darkling beetles.  Mealworms are yellowish in color with dark brown bands, have two antennae and six small, jointed legs.

Mealworm behaviors

Mealworms are pantry pests (also referred to as stored product pests) which are attracted to light. They are usually found in cereals or other products and ingested.   They feed on collections of grain, grain dust, and cereal products. Poor sanitary conditions and high moisture content are likely to lead to an infestation.

Are mealworms dangerous?

Mealworms are not considered dangerous although they do infest and contaminate food.  In many cases, they are fed to pets including reptiles and birds. 

Can Suburban help with a mealworm problem?

If you've discovered pests in your pantry or worse, in your food, contact Suburban Exterminating of Long Island.  Our trained pest control professionals will identify the insect and develop a treatment plan to help you get rid of mealworms and other pantry pests if necessary.  Schedule your free estimate or simply call us to discuss your pest problem.

Mealworm prevention tips

  • When purchasing food at the grocery store, carefully inspect boxes and packaging for rips and tears. Do not buy damaged products.
  • Store flour, cereals and other pantry items in sealed containers once opened.
  • Use older products first so they do not sit on the shelf.

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