Drain Flies

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What do Drain Flies look like?

Adult drain flies are a small species of fly; adults grow to be 1/5th to 1/6th of an inch in length. They range in color from gray to a darker black color. Their body is covered in microscopic fuzz. Drain flies have large oval shaped wings, but are very poor fliers. Drain flies can be seen flying erratically and only for very short periods of time. Drain flies are often referred to as moth flies because of their moth-like appearance.

What are the signs of Drain Flies?

Drain flies will lay their eggs in moist organic matter; and as their name suggests, they are typically found laying their eggs in the build-up found in drains. Inside homes, adult drain flies can be seen flying around kitchen and bathrooms areas, and they will also inhabit the spaces behind wall voids. The larvae of drain flies are usually not seen by homeowners, so it is the adults themselves that tip homeowners off to an infestation.

What Damage do Drain Flies cause?

Drain flies will not cause any house damage.

How do you prevent Drain Flies?

The best way to prevent drain flies is to implement an ongoing, year-round pest control program.

Another way to prevent them is to routinely clean drains to remove debris that would attract drain flies and encourage the laying of eggs.

How do I get rid of Drain Flies?

Although drain flies typically live in less than desirable location like drains, sewers, and pipes, they are not known to transmit diseases to people. Inside homes, drain flies are nuisance pests and can be difficult to eliminate without identifying all of their breeding grounds.

Can Drain Flies hurt me?

Drain flies are not known to transmit any harmful bacteria. There have been some instances where asthma as been triggered by people who accidentally inhaled drain fly body parts.

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