Daddy Long Legs/Harvestmen

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  • season Summer



0.08 - 0.4 inch

Inch Long


Round, Long

What do Daddy Long Legs/Harvestmen look like?

Daddy longlegs are known for building and abandoning webs throughout the corners of homes. They are a harmless pest because their fangs are not long enough to penetrate the skin of humans. Daddy longlegs are pale yellow to brown or grayish-brown in color. They have a distinctive, non-segmented small body and eight very long and skinny legs that could grow to about 2 inches long, 6-8 times the length of their body.

What are the signs of Daddy Long Legs/Harvestmen?

Daddy Long Legs are found in shady, humid places like the basement or crawl space.

What Damage do Daddy Long Legs/Harvestmen cause?

Daddy long legs cause no damage to homes.

How do you prevent Daddy Long Legs/Harvestmen?

To prevent daddy long leg spiders from invading your home:
Keep your shrubs away from your house, at least 20 feet away
Seal cracks and holes around your house
Install screens over your vents and crawl space
Avoid bright outdoor lights as it attracts their prey

How do I get rid of Daddy Long Legs/Harvestmen?

You can use a vacuum to remove daddy long leg spiders. However, it will not remove the source and other spiders may appear.

Can Daddy Long Legs/Harvestmen hurt me?

Harvestmen spiders have fangs but they are too small to break human skin, thus rendering them harmless to humans and pets.

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What to Expect when Suburban Exterminating Arrives

Suburban Exterminating can find the source of your daddy long legs infestation. Afterward, we’ll remove them and help you take preventative measures to avoid another infestation.