Carpet Beetles

What do carpet beetles look like?

carpet beetle in a nassau county ny home

Adult carpet beetles range in size and appearance depending on the species; generally speaking, carpet beetles range in size from 1/8th to 3/16th of an inch and are black, brown, reddish brown, yellowish, or mottled in color.  Their bodies are usually domed and oval shape, similar to that of a ladybug.  Their larvae are brownish in color and have a hairy or bristly texture.

Carpet beetle behaviors

Carpet beetles usually enter homes through holes in the foundation, broken screens, and underneath doorways as they forage for food.  They are often drawn to homes and structures because of outdoor lighting.  Carpet beetles may also enter on items that have already been infested, often second-hand purchases.  Once inside, they feed on wool carpets and rugs, stuffed animals, pet and human hair, silk plants, plants, furs, and leather book bindings; most adult carpet beetles also feed on the pollen of plants.

Are carpet beetles dangerous?

Even though the larvae of carpet beetles can cause slight skin irritations, these pests are not considered to be very dangerous for people.  They can, however, be dangerous to personal items that you have stored in your home as they feed on them.  Carpet beetles are a nuisance in a home and can be difficult to find and eliminate.

Because carpet beetles can cause skin irritation,  many people believe they have a bed bug problem, when in all actuality it is because of a carpet beetle infestation within their home.

Can Suburban help with a carpet beetle problem?

Suburban Exterminating offers pest control services that eliminate carpet beetles, bed bugs or whatever else is infesting your home or business.  Simply schedule a free estimate and our Long Island pest control company will get to work!   

Carpet beetle prevention tips

Along with maintaining year-round residential pest control services within your home to control carpet beetles and other pests, there are some steps you can take to help prevent problems with these pests. Dust and vacuum carpets, furniture, and other surfaces in your home on a regular basis in order to remove dust, dander, and hair.  Inspect flowers and plants for signs of carpet beetles before bringing them inside from the outside.  Store possible food sources for carpet beetles in sealed plastic containers or bags.


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