American Dog Ticks

What do American dog ticks look like?

feeding american dog tick on a long island man

American dog ticks will vary slightly in appearance depending on whether they have just fed or not.  Before feeding, they are brownish-tan in color and have white or yellow markings.  After feeding, they are more of a grayish-blue or olive green color.  Their size will also vary depending on how full of blood they are, but typically before having a blood meal the American dog tick is about 3/16th of an inch in length. After feeding, they will increase in size to about 5/8th of an inch.  Their body is oval in shape and adults have 8 legs.

American dog tick behaviors

Like other tick species, American dog ticks are parasitic pests that feed on the blood of warm-blooded mammals including deer, domestic livestock, small rodents, raccoons, and people. However, as their name suggests, their favorite host is the domestic dog.  American dog ticks are commonly found in parks, fields, along wooded paths, and in the grass along roads.  They will wait in the grass until a suitable host happens by and brushes up against them.

American dog ticks do not do well inside. In fact, if one has been found in your home, it probably didn’t wander in on its own, but was brought in accidentally on you or your pets.

Are American dog ticks dangerous?

Yes, American dog ticks are dangerous; they are responsible for transmitting some serious diseases to people through their saliva.  Examples of disease transmitted by American dog ticks include: Rocky Mountain spotted fever, tularemia, Colorado tick fever, and tularemia.

Can Suburban help with an American dog tick problem?

Yes, Suburban can help to reduce the number of American dog ticks on your property.  At Suburban, we understand how serious problems with ticks on your property can affect the health of you and your family members.  We will work with you to customize a tick control program to fit your specific needs.  Our tick control services can be part of our year-round pest control plan, or a one-time service.  

After inspecting your property, we will determine what type of treatment will work best for your unique situation.  We will then begin treating your yard for American dog ticks. We find that treating every 6-8 weeks works best to control tick populations.

For more information about controlling ticks on your property contact the tick control pros at Suburban today!

American dog tick prevention tips

There is no sure fire way to completely eliminate American dog ticks from your property, but there are some easy things that you can do to help limit their numbers.

  • Do not feed wild animals on your property and remove any bird and wildlife feeders.
  • Under the guidance of your pet’s veterinarian, treat them with a tick preventative.
  • Keep your grass trimmed short and cut back wooded areas from your property.
  • When spending time outside in areas where American dog ticks may be present like the woods or areas of tall grass, make sure to wear long sleeves, tuck your pants into your socks, and wear shoes with closed toes.
  • Inspect yourself and your pets before coming inside your home after spending time outdoors, especially in wooded areas.

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