Bugs Exhibit at the Long Island Aquarium

Surban Exterminating is proud to sponsor the LI Aquarium's new Bugs Exhibit

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The Bugs Exhibit is just one part of Butterflies, Bugs and Birds Exhibit.

Scientists estimate that over 100 billion ants inhabit our earth. We rarely see these social insects. Their nests are typically underground, in trees or in mounds on the ground. So given the chance to view a busy ant - outside your home - we are all fascinated. (Ants are less than charming when you encounter an ant in your home!)

The Bugs Exhibit contains the leaf cutter ant from rain forests in Central and South America, Mexico, and small parts of the southern United States. Leaf cutter ants are fun to watch since they march along in single file while carrying big chunks of leaves. These ants chew off pieces of plants with their jaws vibrating close to 1000 times per second. They carry the bits of leaves into tunnels and wait for fungus to grow. This fungus is their food "crop".

Most of these leaf cutter ants are workers about ½ an inch long. Only the queen ant may be more than 1 inch long. The smallest ants, called minims, grow the fungus food and watch over eggs. The very largest worker ants, called majors, go out to collect leaves and defend the colony from intruders.

Have you spotted the Queen Ant in the LI Aquarium exhibit? An ant colony relies on the queen to breed more workers, soldiers and farmers. Ant queen or queens lay thousands of eggs to insure the colony's survival. Ants must cooperate with each other to meet their basic needs for food, shelter, and defense.

About Long Island Aquarium & Exhibition Center

This privately-owned aquarium features one of the largest all-living coral reef displays in this hemisphere, a 120,000-gallon shark tank, year-round sea lion shows, numerous touch tanks, butterflies from all over the world, and more than 100 exhibits and interactive experiences, including Butterflies & Birds, Shark Dive, Penguin Encounter, Pirate Snorkel, Shark Keeper, and more! Located in Riverhead, on the east end of Long Island, guests are encouraged to learn about what lives within the local waters, with exhibits showcasing local flora and fauna, as well as exotic, tropical displays.

Named a Top 10 Aquarium for Children by Parents Magazine, the Long Island Aquarium is open daily 10:00am to 5:00pm year-round (Closed Christmas & Thanksgiving Days). You can add to the fun with an overnight stay at the waterfront Hyatt Place East End located adjacent to the Aquarium property. For more information, please visit www.LongIslandAquarium.com

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