Fumigation Services

Advantages of Long Island Fumigation Pest Control Services

Our Long Island fumigation services for museum artifacts, household furniture, and entire commercial buildings is the quickest way to control a pest infestation.

Fumigation for pest control offers many advantages over other pest control methods including sprays, aerosols, dusts, and liquids. Fumigation kills all insects, including bed bugs. When you use fumigation to control infestation:

  • All life stages of the pest are eliminated

  • Pest infestation is controlled quickly, saving you time and money

  • All areas are reached, even places where sprays, aerosols, and dusts cannot

  • Reduced residue left behind in treated areas compared to other methods

Commercial Fumigation Services

Suburban Exterminating offers container fumigating, building fumigations, and has a fumigation vault for all of your commercial fumigating needs. Our technicians are professionally trained, certified, and licensed in fumigation practices and have years of experience performing fumigation on:

tractor trailer in long island
  • Trailers
  • Railroad cars
  • Tarps
  • Artwork
  • Rugs
  • Wood furniture
  • Historical artifacts made of wood

We maintain the latest technology for fumigation monitoring designed to protect items in storage, exhibits, or shipments.

Fumigation Chamber

For businesses needing to deliver the item for fumigation to another location, Suburban Exterminating offers a fumigation chamber in our Smithtown, NY offices. Your item(s) must fit in the fumigation vault which is 24 feet long, 8 feet wide, and has a ceiling height of 8 feet. You are responsible for delivering, loading, unloading, and picking up all materials sent for fumigation.

Museum and Artifact Fumigation and Pest Control Processes

Museums and art galleries accepting objects from outside the facility are prone to pest infestations. The process for fumigating and removing pests from museums consists of:

  1. Suburban Exterminating will identify pest problems and problem areas within the museum.

    The method of pest control will be determined based on the use of the room where infestation is a problem, the type of pests involved, and administrative constraints.

  2. The chosen pest control services will be applied to eliminate pests.

  3. The building will undergo continuous monitoring for six months.
    Every month, the building will be inspected and traps will be checked. Suburban Exterminating will provide accurate record keeping to know when the program needs to be modified to continue effectiveness. Floor diagrams and maps of each trap will be created to keep track of what has been moved or destroyed.

Suburban Exterminating offers treatment strategies in addition to traditional pesticide sprays and fumigation.  Some methods, such as freezing, are not suited for certain composites, painted objects, and objects under tension (i.e. rare books) but may be ideal for a single material in good condition. A vikane (or sulfuryl fluoride) chamber, one of two in the New York area, is used for archival materials including antique carriages, such as those on display at The Long Island Museum of American Art, History and Carriages in Stony Brook, New York. Vikane ensures elimination of current infestations as well as the collection’s protection.

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Our goal is to exterminate pests. Contact us to learn more about our fumigation services and how we can help you.

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