A Message to Our Suburban Families,

We’re committed to protecting your home and family from pests while keeping you, our community, and employees safe. As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) begins to have a greater impact on the communities we serve, we have taken additional actions to ensure that we will continue to provide our essential services to protect your family and home safely and without interruption.


  • Prior to arriving at your home, your technician will call to confirm your appointment as normal. If you are scheduled for an interior service, we will ask if anyone in your residence is ill with viral symptoms or quarantined. If so, we will only perform exterior services. We will not enter your home.


  • In most cases, our services can be performed outside your home without entry or human contact, especially for ants and termites. If entry to your home is required or requested, it can be done with limited human contact.


  • When servicing indoors, we will always utilize applicable personal protective equipment such as: a respirator, goggles, shoe covers, disposable cloths and waste bags with ties.


  • Our team members remain vigilant with existing health precautions such as regular hand washing and disinfecting service tools and equipment after every home visit. In addition, our team members know that we are committed to taking care of their needs, and they have been advised to stay home if they feel ill or may have come into contact with someone who has been exposed.


Safety is our number one priority. We follow the guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to stay safe and keep your home pest-free. As long as pests are active, so are we! Suburban Exterminating is here for you and your family so if you’ve got pests today, they’ll be gone tomorrow! 


Thank you for choosing Suburban Exterminating,



President, Suburban Exterminating

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