Commercial Pest Control



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Running your business is hard enough without having to worry about creepy-crawlies scaring your customers away or presenting health concerns! Providing commercial pest control on Long Island for over 50 years, Suburban Exterminating offers customized solutions for a variety of industries. We’ll start with a free inspection to identify the pests you’re dealing with and offer recommendations according to your situation.

Pests pose a threat to regulatory compliance and product safety in pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. The U.S Food & Drug Administration requires there are no pests in the facility. Suburban Exterminating meets
and exceeds the requirements of every major pharmaceutical auditor.

Our commercial pest control program for these facilities is designed specifically to exceed audit requirements like AIB International or HACCP regulations. During your audit, your Suburban Exterminating team can be on site to answer specific pest control questions.

Suburban Exterminating keeps comprehensive documentation of all services performed. These reports also allow us to look at pest activity and trends. From there, Suburban Exterminating will address and recommend
structural, storage and sanitation solutions. All service plans are specifically designed for the unique commercial environment.

Food establishments require that you meet high standards of cleanliness and keep accurate documentation of services to maintain compliance. We’ll provide required documentation and eliminate pests from your restaurant or foodservice establishment.

We offer both standard and green pest control products. In addition to pest control, your program might include other services such as fly control, bird control, and exclusion.

Our Integrated Pest Management solutions minimize the need for chemical treatments which is ideal for a healthcare facility. Our ongoing monitoring and prevention measures will eliminate and prevent pests safely and effectively.

Suburban Exterminating works with Environmental Services and Housekeeping to keep pests out before they cause a problem. Our staff is knowledgeable on the areas of treating sensitive health care environments. You can count on us to interact well with patients and staff. Our services are based on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) model. We take into consideration audits and recommendations from the Indoor Air Quality Association,
National Environmental Health Association and AIB International standards.

Every health care facility is evaluated individually for their pest control needs. We offer both traditional and green pest control products.

Ask us for recent referrals. Call Suburban Exterminating today for a free inspection at (516) 864-6900 or (631) 864-6900.

Potential tenants will avoid your property if they see evidence of pest infestation during their property tour. Keep your properties free from pests with Suburban Exterminating.

Suburban Exterminating reporting allows us and you to see pest activity and trends. Our team will address and recommend structural, storage and sanitation solutions with our comprehensive documentation. We offer both traditional and green pest control products.

We partner with businesses to improve sanitation and facility maintenance as a way to keep pests out.

Pests pose health hazards and must be kept out of schools, colleges and daycare centers. Our pest control solutions will safely eliminate and prevent pests from coming back.

When it comes to the health of children, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is essential for controlling allergies, reducing pesticides and avoiding pest problems. Integrated Pest Management has the potential to save your  school money over time. IPM takes steps to avoid future pest problems.

Just one bed bug or other pest in your hotel will ruin your reputation and result in fewer guests reserving rooms. Suburban Exterminating will eliminate and prevent pests from returning.

Our Long Island pest control company offers both standard and green pest control products. In addition to pest control, your program might include other services such as bed bug control, bird control, pest exclusion, and fly control.


Pest infestations can cause health problems to employees and clients, as well as economic loss through damaged stock and equipment. Our customized, cost effective pest management program is in compliance with industry regulations including HACCP and AIB.

Some industries require highly sensitive pest control applications to ensure the safety of employees, staff, and customers. Suburban Exterminating services the industries using environmentally friendly and safe methods to eliminate pests from the building and surrounding areas.



Many businesses require pest control documentation to meet industry regulations. Suburban Exterminating provides reporting necessary to satisfy regulatory authorities. Our commercial clients receive:

  • Customized log book with pest activity records and information for methods used to rectify the problem as well as building maintenance records
  • Technician inspection reports and service reports
  • Product labels for all pest control materials used at your facility
  • Pest incident register
  • Site map with bait station locations labeled
  • Licenses, insurance, and contact information
  • Scope of Service

Quality Pro Company Guidelines
We are a Quality Pro company, which means we adhere to certain standards. Review some of the guidelines we must follow to be a Quality Pro company.

  • Has a drug-free workplace policy
  • Meets QualityPro company service vehicle standards
  • Has a standard dress policy
  • Has an on-the-job safety policy
  • Has a termite warranty/service agreement that meets requirements
  • Ensures employees are tested and trained to the highest industry standards
  • Provides an IPM information sheet to consumers
  • Practices proper pesticide handling
  • Has ensured that technicians and sales employees pass the QualityPro exam
  • Agrees to periodic audits ensuring adherence to QualityPro guidelines

Suburban’s Additional Qualifications and Training
We follow all protocols and guidelines to be a certified and trusted pest control company. We’ve even created additional qualifications and training for our company and our employees to stay up-to-date on current pest control methods and become leaders in pest control solutions.

  • In-house, state-approved training on job safety, driving sills, company protocols, and customer service
  • 80 hours of closely monitored training by field supervisors by cellphone, unannounced inspections and evaluation of paperwork
    and customer feedback.
  • NYS certification exams with a 30-hour state-approved course
  • Continuing education process to prepare technicians for the next certification category and to improve and add new skill sets. The
    skill sets are recorded and placed in the technicians’ files.
  • Routine all day seminars sponsored by Suburban are scheduled throughout the year to keep current with changes in our industry.
    Dr Austin Frishman, Dr Bobby Corrigan and other industry experts are used as consultants to our firm and lecture frequently.
    Technicians are also sent to other seminars sponsored by pest control associations.
  • On staff: 2 ACE (associate certified entomologists) and 1 BCE (board certified entomologist) credentialed individuals, Certified
    Indoor Environmental Consultant, and a Leed Green Associate
  • Member of:
    • IPM Institute
    • Professional Certified Applicators of Long Island
    • New York State Pet Management Association
    • National Pest Management Association
    • National Mosquito Control Association
    • Entomological Society of America
  • We provide Green Shield Services
  • We sponsor library events and other educational programs for children interested in the science of Entomology


integrated pest management graphic

Our approach, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), is a team effort of accessing, implementing and monitoring your business facility for pests. Effective pest management is a process, not a one-time event. Through our turnkey Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach, we combine a collaborative and ongoing cycle of three critical activities (Assess, Implement, and Monitor), so you can rest assured your business is getting maximum protection with minimum exposure.

  • Trend Reporting Analysis – In Depth review of every pest captured by device or area with Quarterly Trend Reports.
  • Quarterly QA Meetings – To review all trend reports, conditions, concerns and plan for the next quarter.
  • Audit Ready – Allow Suburban at least 72 hours notice before an audit so your Suburban team can perform a final inspection before the audit.
  • Guaranteed Audit Results – Proven track record for worry-free audits.
  • Dedicated Commercial Division – Has been established with over 100 combined years of experience and direct Phone, Email and Text #’s.
  • Barcoded Pest Control Equipment – This allows for all equipment to be scanned on each service and detailed pest information to be recorded for a streamlined approach.
  • Customized Log Book – Inspectors are well-versed in our Advanced IPM program and offer a professional approach.
  • Detailed Inspection Reports  – Are added to log book showing pests captured, sighted or pest evidence.
  • Detailed Floor Plans – For ease of locating possible issues by Suburban as well as 3rd party inspectors.
  • Conducive Conditions– Will be documented and tracked to allow us to monitor conditions from observation to resolution.
  • HACCP, GMP, FDA and all 3rd party audit compliance
  • Dedicated QA team customized for you!


Worry-Free Audits for our Advanced IPM Program

  • We will guarantee you will pass your pest control portion of your audits every time, with no worries or concerns.
  • Suburban will keep your account in audit ready shape but we will always need a 72 hour notice before any audit, even surprise audits, to ensure nothing has been tampered with and all is up to par.
  • What happens if you fail the pest control portion of your audit? Your next month of service is on us!



Businesses serving food or drinks, providing healthcare services, or caring for children have no tolerance for pests. Suburban Exterminating meets compliance regulations of industries requiring service documentation for pest control solutions, including mobile reporting options. Our Integrated Pest Management techniques will safely and continuously eliminate pests from your business.


Suburban Exterminating will eliminate and prevent pests from your business, helping you meet compliance regulations for record keeping and audits. Serving Long Island, including Nassau and Suffolk counties and the East End, we are ready to help your company with effective pest control solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial pest control services!