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Rat inside house standing still

Learn the Signs of Rats in Your Long Island Home

Many Long Islanders call, text and email our offices looking for advice.  Recently, we were asked this question: “Late this evening our dog trapped a rat on our back deck. Will the rat be attracted to the mouse traps in our yard? Do we need an exterminator to set a different trap? Thanks.”

Mouse looks at camera

Fall Pest Prevention Tips

As the leaves fall and the temperatures drop, are you getting out warm sweaters and woolly blankets?  Just like many of us, rodents and other creatures are preparing for the colder temperatures. They are coming inside looking for shelter and food. Rodents can enter your home through dime-sized cracks or holes.  When rodents enter your home, they can chew on electrical wires and drywall. Rodents like mice and rats leave behind droppings and urine. They  spread disease like salmonella and Hantavirus.  Don’t let your home become a safe haven for pests.