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Digger wasp on green leaf

8 Facts About Digger Wasps You’ll Dig

Few things make your outdoor space less inviting than the presence of wasps. One minute you and your family are enjoying being outside together and the next second your kids are scrambling and you’re looking for something – anything really – to swing at an unwelcome backyard intruder. There’s certainly a role for your pest control provider here, but before you call your exterminator, let’s learn a little more about diggers wasps, their unique behavior, and what kind of they pose.

Termites crawling on a piece of wood

10 Facts About Termite Colonies You “Wood” Not Believe

Termites: the sworn enemy of homeowners and exterminators alike. While other insects may have their upsides, it’s difficult to find many positives when it comes to these pests. Still, there are many things we can learn about termites, and having a better understanding is the first step towards protecting our homes and property. With that in mind, here are 10 interesting facts about termites you may not know.





Monarch butterfly on yellow flower

10 Fascinating Facts about Butterflies

Who doesn’t enjoy witnessing one of these winged beauties in flight? From their brightly colored bodies to the effortless motion that seems in sync with some unheard symphony, butterflies are an insect each of us can appreciate. But how much do we know about them? Unless studying butterflies is your profession, or you’ve recently lost yourself in a lengthy Google search that began by asking “how long do butterflies live,” you may not know as much as you’d like. This list includes 10 cool facts that are sure to make you think about butterflies in a whole new way.

Collage of winter, spring, summer, and fall leaves

Benefits of Year Round Pest Control

Start a New Year pest free! Suburban Exterminating offers year-round ways to protect you from pests. Common household pests can pose serious health risks to you and your family. You want to keep them out!!!!!