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Camel cricket on moist ground

How to Get Rid of Crickets in the Basement

Which do you prefer? The sound of a leaf blower or a chorus of crickets?  It’s almost fall on Long Island and we’re beginning to hear both!

An East Quogue homeowner asks “I have crickets & spiders which I’m looking to get rid of in my basement & some upstairs. I do have 2 indoor cats, so I would have to use something not harmful to them. Please call. Thanks”

Cricket Tacos

Have You Eaten a Cricket Taco?

I’ve never consciously eaten a bug. But since September and October is cricket and grasshopper season, I’d love to hear from some people who have tried a cricket taco or two! Maybe if the cricket were ground up and made into a protein bar, I might be able to eat a bite?  One company makes a coca nut tasting protein bar. Has anyone tried this one?   Their hashtag is #Fueledbycrickets