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19 May

Win Tickets to Long Island Aquarium

Win LI Aquarium Tickets

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We're giving away 2 tickets to the Long Island Aquarium each week from now until Labor Day!  Head over to our Facebook page to enter to win!

Proud Sponsor of LI Aquarium's Bugs Exhibit

Suburban Exterminating is the proud sponsor of the Bugs Exhibit at the Long Island Aquarium. The Bugs Exhibit is located within the Butterfly Exhibit.  Don't miss either one!

At the Bugs Exhibit, you'll see many types of beetles, stick insects, praying mantises, flies, wasps, and many more!  The entomologists collected several hundred preserved insect specimens. You'll see showcased some of the largest, most beautiful and interesting bugs! Bugs from all over the world are represented.

You can see the inner workings of a leaf cutter ant colony and more. It's easy to be distracted by all the beautiful butterflies around you!

An estimated 10 quintillion (10,000,000,000,000,000,000) individual insects are believed to exist on earth! In your home, insects carry diseases and are nuisance pests. In the world of nature, however, insects clean up environmental waste and provide food for larger animals.

Check out our other social media pages for additional ways to enter our Long Island Aquarium ticket give-away!


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