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18 December

Wildlife Belongs Outside

Suburban Exterminating’s wildlife services include animal removal, identifying how the animal is entering your home and preventing them from returning.  Your attic should not be a warm and safe place for animals to raise their young. Our inspectors look to see if the animal has any children. Many animals will resort to damaging your home more to get to their kids.

Wildlife Removal

Not every pest control company offers wildlife removal services. Why not? Pest control operators must have a special license to perform these services. Wildlife can include raccoon, squirrels, opossums, skunks, squirrels, mice,rats and other rodents.

All entrances and possible entrances should be repaired so that the animal cannot return. Suburban Exterminating uses the best materials to seal all entry points. We know exactly what exclusion materials will stand up to any challenge presented by wildlife. We install chimney caps, too.

Animals leave behind a smelly mess. We also take care of clean-up.

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