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18 October

Why Your Chimney Needs a Cap

Cold weather is coming! When animals look for a warm home this winter, they may be looking right down your chimney! Chimneys can provide a safe place for raccoons, birds, and squirrels.

As a full service pest control company, Suburban Exterminating can install your chimney cap. Chimney caps  keep out water, leaves, and animals too! Make sure that your chimney is covered!

Simple Tips to Prevent Pests

This article is the 3rd of our series on Simple Tips to Prevent Pests  from entering your home. We hope that Long Island homeowners will find this series helpful.

Simple Tips to Prevent Pests.  Click here to see Tip 1

Now You Can Have a Warm Garage and Keep Out Rodents Too!  Click here to see Tip 2

Suburban Exterminating is your complete Pest Control Service Company!  Pest Prevention is one of these services. Free inspections are available.  Call us in Nassau (516) 864-6900 or Suffolk (631) 864-6900 or the Hamptons (631) 287-3810

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