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06 February

When Suburban Exterminating Rings Your Door Bell

Suburban Exterminating is proud of our pest control services! Our technician come to your home with a  Suburban Exterminating uniform, truck and ID badge. We don’t want to be confused with someone scouting your home to rob you!  We are proud of our job in pest control, our company and our reputation!

Scheduled Pest Control Home Visit

Look outside! You will see a Suburban Exterminating truck when our technicians come to your home. Our technicians wear a Suburban Exterminating uniform and carry a name badge. All technicians are employees who are registered with NY state.
When we knock on your door:

  • You have called our office for service
  • OR you have a scheduled service call where you were notified by email, mail or phone
  • OR your apartment building has notified you in writing

Suburban Exterminating technicians DO NOT solicit business by making door-to-door visits.
If you are unsure of your scheduled visit, please call our office at 631-864-6900 or 516-864-6900. Our family is here to protect yours!

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