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28 January

What’s with the Squirrels?

In case you missed it, Squirrel Appreciation Day was last Monday. How did those busy squirrels know it was their day? Is it just a coincidence that Suburban Exterminating received many calls from customers about squirrel removal?

Squirrel Sounds and other Facts

If you’re like fellow Long Islanders, you get suspicious if you start to hear scratching noises from your attic. Squirrels are busy 24/7. They’ll break into your attic any time. Squirrels need to constantly chew on things to prevent their teeth from growing too long. You may have a squirrel in your attic if you hear  gnawing, scratching, pattering sounds. Listen carefully in the early morning.

Pest Control Professionals like Suburban Exterminating can help you to remove squirrels from your home. Squirrels can cause extreme damage to insulation and electrical wiring.  If trapped or scared, they become unpredictable!  They will go to extreme measures to reach their young.

Call Suburban Exterminating at (631) 864-6900 or (516) 864-6900 if you suspect you have squirrels. Our family is here to protect yours!

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