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13 July

What’s That Bug? Check Out our New App!

Suburban Exterminating has made Bug ID easier than ever with our new App! You can download it for free through the Apple store, snap a picture, and it’ll email the picture and description to one of our entomologists.

Expert Bug Identification

Using our app, a customer recently emailed this message:

“Hi -found this bug crawling on the bed here in Melville. I don’t think it is a [bed bug], but could I ask you to just take a look at it? Not sure it you can tell from the picture. Thanks for looking at it.”

Our entomologist, Lynn Frank, quickly responded:

“That is an ant. Looks like what is called an odorous house ant—very common. Does not bite and does no damage to the structure. I can’t make out all details – [picture] is blurry, but definitely an ant. – Lynn.”

Please know that you can always call us with any pest control questions or needed pest control services at 516 or 631-864-6900.

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