Your holiday baking can take a turn for the worse when you find bugs in your flour, spices, dried fruit and even chocolate!  You usually don’t notice these pantry pests until there’s an infestation.

Control for Pantry Pests

You have to find the source of the problem to get these bugs under control. The bug could be a grain moth, mealworm, Indian meal moth or even a saw-toothed grain beetle. Unless the source is found, you’ll  continue to see the insects. Most of the time, you bring these bugs home with you from the grocery store or food manufacturer. Occasionally,  these bugs fly in from outside.

Since these insects can fly, the breeding site could be anywhere including your pasta or pet food. You’ll even need to check your cake and brownie mixes.

Prevention includes storing all pantry items in air-tight, hard containers. All infested items need to be thrown out. Your cabinets must be completely wiped out and cleaned.

A trained pest control professional can help you to get rid of bugs in  the most efficient way. You need to make sure that all phases of these bugs are gone – egg, larva, pupa and adult.

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