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26 June

We Fix $5 Haircuts

Hmm? Haircuts and…Pest Control? Sure!

Well, figurative haircuts…

High Quality Pest Control

We’ve described how to find the perfect pest control company here. A new customer should consider a company’s effectiveness, certifications, and recommendations. However, some customers look for the cheapest services available.

Well, we would like to share the following commercial with you.  It’s called We Fix $5 Haircuts, see below.



Cheap and be costly!

Pest Control is no different than a haircut (well, maybe a LITTLE different…). If you depend on the cheapest form of exterminating, you’ll receive the cheapest results. Sure, those ants crawling on your kitchen may disappear…for now.

Proper pest control is all about finding and eliminating the source of the issue. Otherwise, the pests will simply reproduce after some time has passed. If you’re only concerned with the bugs you see, then, sure, go for the cheap company, but if you want to truly rid your house of pests and avoid damage to your home (both medical and structural complications), call a company that you can trust. Suburban Exterminating has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Suburban Exterminating can be reached on Long Island 864-6900. Call today for a free estimate or to book a service.

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