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12 August

Urban Myth Busted! Praying Mantis Facts

Did you ever hear that you could get a fine for hurting a Praying Mantis? How about get arrested for killing one? The praying mantis is an endangered species, isn’t it?

Did you know? While everyone loves a praying mantis, they are not protected by NY State or Federal laws. And praying mantis is not an endangered species.

Facts about the Praying Mantis

The “Praying Mantis” is an amazing insect.They got their name because their large legs appear to be folded in prayer. It could also be called a “Preying” Mantis because it eats other insects. Not a picky eater, they eat any bug including other praying mantis! With front legs containing spikes, you would feel a little pinch if you held one. These insects grow to be about 6 inches long.

Since praying mantis hide so well, we hope that you’re lucky enough to spot one!


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