Squirrel eating nuts on roof

Not every exterminator has a license to “take/trap, transport and release wildlife whenever the animal becomes a nuisance, destroys property or threatens public safety.” Suburban Exterminating has many technicians who are qualified for nuisance wildlife removal. Wildlife Season

Animals can make your home into their home any time of the year. In the winter, it is most likely to occur because these animals are looking for food and a safe, warm place to live. Here are some interesting facts about some common Long Island wildlife.

  • Did you know that raccoons are neophobic? They are unwilling to try new things or break from their routine. If they like your garbage, it is very difficult to deter them from getting into your trash.
  • Squirrels can cause extreme damage to insulation and electrical wiring.  If trapped or scared, they become unpredictable!
  • They will go to extreme measures to reach their young.
  • How far can a skunk spray?  Skunks can be very accurate with jets up to 15 feet.

We think of mice and rats as rodents. See our rodent page for more information on these pests.

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