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Crickets and grasshoppers are very active in the fall entering Long Island’s homes. It should be no problem to put together some cricket recipes for Thanksgiving. We’d love to know how they turn out! Both crickets and grasshoppers are considered sources of protein and calcium. Their hard shells provide a crunch! Eating insects and arachnids is known as Entomophagy. Some people consider it a sustainable and healthy eating option.  It is said that a cricket tastes somewhere between a shrimp and an almond. In some cultures, crickets are considered a food staple. You might be able to taste a slight difference between Long Island’s common crickets: Cave crickets or Camel CricketsField Crickets,  and House Crickets.

Top 6 Cricket Recipes for Thanksgiving

Start by frying, baking or sautéing your crickets with garlic, olive oil and salt.  Then, add to the recipes below.

  1. Cricket granola recipe – Mix your favorite granola mix and crickets.
  2. Chocolate covered crickets – You’ll have to toast the crickets before you cover them in chocolate
  3. Cucumber Garlic Crickets Appetizers – wrap a thinly sliced cucumber around a cricket topped with garlic and dill.
  4. Toasted Crickets and pumpkin seeds with chili and lime juice
  5. Cricket Tacos
  6. Tempura Crickets – Dunk them into tempura batter and fry them. Serve with your favorite sauce.

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