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05 April

The Weird World Of Pest Control

Our technicians can’t believe the amazing things that pests do in a person’s home. Over the 50 years that Suburban Exterminating has been working in the field, the stories never fail to surprise us.

Who Ate the Potato Chips?

Mike, our Customer Service Manager, worked in the field in 2002. He recalled a time when a Dix Hills customer had a rat in their couch. The customers purchased an extra large bag of potato chips and noticed that it was empty after their vacation. After careful inspection, Mike noticed the rat had burrowed a hole in the customer’s couch and was storing the potato chips for a future meal. The family was very concerned because they used this couch on a regular basis.

Missing in Action

Many times, customers are adamant that there are pests in their homes, but it is not always the case. Ben, our resident rodent expert, said one customer repeatedly heard noises in the wall. Despite Suburban’s efforts, no rodents were found. When she opened the wall, she discovered a loose water pipe making the noise. A Plainview woman thought she had rodents, but it turned out to be an albino ferret in her walls. The ferret was kept as pet.

Couldn’t Happen to a Nicer Person

The strangest stories, ultimately, do not involve pest control at all. One technician accidentally walked in on a customer skinny dipping in her pool. She screamed a lot and was, understandably, embarrassed. Another technician was tackled by six police officers at a Farmingville diner. But, as Ricky K. says about his experience at Suburban, “[It is the] best job ever.” Ricky recommends this line of work to everyone, and he wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.

Suburban Exterminating professionals understand pest control is one way of helping fellow Long Islanders. If you need help with your pest control problem, call us at 631-864-6900 or 516-864-6900.

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